Why should I use Docker?

  • Docker containers are the hottest technology nowadays
  • Docker reduces build and deploy time
  • Allows you to run many containers simultaneously on any host and can run anyware
  • Docker provides a safe way to run applications securely isolated in a container packaged with all its dependencies and libraries
  • The dockerized application can run on any virtual platform or bare metal without any modification

If you are a developer the Docker technology will give you:

  • Faster delivery of your applications
  • Write dockerized app and run anyware on anything
  • Can be used as version control
  • You can use a repository to share your conainers with other team members

If you are a DevOps person the Docker technology will give you:

  • Deploying and scaling more easily
  • Make te lifecycle more efficinet
  • Lightweight footprint – Docker images are very small
  • Simplified maintenance – Docker reduces effort and risk of problems with applications dependencies